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NYPIRG is a leading force in protecting the public from exposure to hazardous chemicals, increasing citizen involvement in environmental decision-making, and expanding the public's right-to-know. We advocate for safe drinking water, clean air, renewable energy, pollution prevention, and eliminating toxics in our environment. We are also deeply engaged in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. NYPIRG works at the local, state, and national level to achieve our goal of a cleaner, and healthier and more sustainable environment for all New Yorkers.


Climate Change

Hydrofracking Victory!

Solid Waste: Every day, New Yorkers generate more than 50,000 tons of household waste. (read more)

Toxics: We are exposed to chemicals in every aspect of our daily lives, many of which are hazardous to our health.(read more)

Watershed Protection Project: NYPIRG works to protect New York City's watershed areas to safeguard the drinking water of millions of New Yorkers.(read more)





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