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Don't Major In Debt Welcome

Don't Major in Debt

College financing is a serious issue — particularly in this difficult economic climate. The cost of attending college continues to skyrocket, and far too many students are graduating with debt that can cripple them financially for decades. Many have also fallen victim to misleading student loan schemes and other rampant abuses.

People who are facing critical decisions about funding higher education — decisions that will begin to shape their financial future for a lifetime — must be armed with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices, especially considering the multitude of for-profit websites and other programs offering conflicting information about financial aid.

Visit the National College Finance Center for free, unbiased college financing information and advice.

If you are a student, prospective student, graduate or family member concerned about paying for college or repaying student loan debt, go to This interactive, not-for-profit website provides comprehensive, state-specific information about obtaining scholarships and grants and provides guidance on the daunting variety of student loan options available today. Additionally, those who have already accrued student loan debt will receive customized information about the most effective options to pay that debt down.

And remember, Don't Major in Debt!